Y O U R  L O C A L  C A R  C U S T O M I Z E R S 

 We Don't Sleep Til' Your Cars Complete

Cars are our passion and we want to help with all your car customization needs. Whether it's keeping the summer heat out with some Window Tint, protecting your vehicle from the harsh Central Oregon elements with Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wrapping your car for some style & protection, or adding some color to your wheels, emblems, and chrome..... we want to be 

-the go to place- 

We focus on customer satisfaction and speed of service without sacrificing quality; who says you cant have both? We know how expensive these things can be, so we provide a range of economic and high quality products for everyone's budget. The love of cars has inspired us to help others achieve their vision or dreams for their vehicle. While others may do it for the money, we do it because we have been in your shoes with a vision of what we want our cars to look like or simply making them look better. 

We are open 7 days a week by appointment only. 

Client satisfaction is our #1 focus. We love what we do and strive to make your ride your pride and joy. 

Perfecting The Craft

We Strive to be the best at what we do, so we are constantly learning better, faster, and more efficient ways to achieve the best results. We work with the top leading brands so quality is never missed.

Our Community

We love being involved in our community so we do our best to make it to car shows and car meets and we even host our own. We love giving back to the community by participating in several events throughout the year and donating our services to charities and non profits that help our community. We frequently post on Instagram and Facebook of which events we will attend. Help us make a difference in our community and a better place for all. 

About us

How We Started

We started off just like anyone else, wanting to make our little car look better......and maybe hide some imperfections. We wanted work done and we just ddnt have the money, everything costed so much money, so we just tried it ourselves. However before we just went at it, we researched how to do it to get he best possible result. The first time may not have been the best, but we ddnt give up. We tried it again...and again...and again...until we were happy with the results. Friends saw what we did to our cars and asked to do it to theirs also. We started getting calls from people we ddnt know, refferals from friends, wanting work done and because we loved doing it we help them out and gained some experience aswell. There came a time where we struggled to make ends meet and we offered what we did to others to make some extra cash and thats how Royal Tint N Dip was born.