Window Tinting

Window tinting is a transparent sheet of film applied to the inside of a vehicle's windows. One of the main benefits of window tinting is to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, enhance security and privacy as others cannot see what is in a vehicle as easily. Another benefit is the ability to prevent fading and damage to car's interior from ultraviolet light exposure. It can also help keep the interior of a vehicle cool as well as reduce the glare produced by the headlights of other vehicles. 

Head/Tail Light Tint

Headlight tint is a film applied to the exterior of the light. The film darkens/smokes the light and creates a similar effect as window tint. It also serves as a protective film which can prevent scratches and uv damage which are common on alot of headlights over time. 

Automotive Detailing

Interior Detailing 

Interior detailing involves thoroughly cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle. Cleaning and sanitizing the interior cabin includes seats, dash, windows carpets plastics and headliners. To clean the interior cabinet, different techniques and tools are used to provide the best and safest way to clean the vehicle. 

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing goes beyond the normal car wash to make a vehicle look spotlessly clean both inside and outside. We hand wash and dry vehicles exterior before cutting and polishing the paint which removes scratches and swirls. This process is called a paint correction and allows us to bring out the best look for your paint and prepares it for a wax, sealant or ceramic/graphene coating.

Ceramic/Graphene Coatings

A Ceramic/Graphene Coating is a liquid that is applied by hand to the exterior of the vehicle. The coating bonds with the vehicle's factory paint and creating an additional, tougher and more chemically resistant layer of protection. This coating also makes it much easier to clean while adding extra gloss/shine.

Lay It Dont Spray It

Vehicle Wraps

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. This allows you to change the vehicle's appearance and in turn allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition if necessary.  

Paint Protection

Paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. 

Additional Services

Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating. In fact, it's the original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating. The Plasti Dip product line provides a wide range of color solutions for your vehicle.

LED Headlights

LED & HID headlights are the latest innovation for vehicle forward lighting. They are much brighter than regular halogen headlights. LED lights consume much less power and turn on instantly when compared to their halogen or HID counterparts. HIDs are brighter than LEDs and consume more power.  


GlassParency is a professionally applied chemical application that enhances driver's vision at times of inclement weather due to the water micro-beading and repelling off your windshield.

Night glare will also become dramatically reduced, making your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

When professionally installed, GlassParency is backed by a 3-Year product warranty.